Good Litter for Hedgehog

Just like any other animal, hedgehogs produce litter form the remains of the food they eat, the toy they play with and their excretory materials. Most of the times, you will be dealing with a hedgehog poop. This requires you to know how to handle it in the most appropriate way possible and provide time for the pet to remain in a relaxed environment. Eliminating the litter keeps the hedge clean and healthy and allows for enough time to play with your pet. This article will analyze the issues surrounding hedgehog litter.

Hedgehog Litter

There are numerous ways in which you can deal with the best litter for hedgehogs. Since hedgehog poop is one of the most common litters that you have to deal with, it is very necessary to identify the pattern it follows before it poops. The most basic things to observe is the pet’s bathroom. This will always give you an insight into where you are allowed to locate the litter box to avoid the poop from being scattered in the entire cage. This is very necessary to observe during the first few days when you purchase the pet. During this time, it is not advisable to introduce a hedgehog wheel since it will turn to use this wheel as the litter box. Such an act makes the pet’s legs very untidy and disgusting to clean. Moreover, do not be scared if the animal poops all over the cage. This shows that the animal is just waiting for you to find the best place where you can place its potty. Moreover, there are those unfortunate instances when the hedgehog embarks on pooping on the wheel. At such instances, you should take it out for at least three of the first potty training days in order to have it used to the new system that you are introducing.

In order to make an example for the hedge to follow, it is advisable to design a litter box and then have it filled with litter in order for the pet to follow the suit. One of the best ways of designing a litter box is cutting into half a squire tissue box through the hole. The next step is ensuring that the divot is deep enough to allow the pet to easily enter. You can also visit the pet store to purchase any form of litter that is dust free. If you find it, you can get one big bag of litter since it will last a long time before it gets depleted.

When you have the litter box ready, you are charged with collecting the previous dropping in the cage and then putting them in the litter box. This act allows the hedgehog to learn that this is the point where he/she is supposed to poop. However, makes sure that you introduce and put little litter into the box to allow the pet to sniff around and find the litter box without being freaked out by the foreign materials in the litter box.

The most appropriate place to put the litter box is where the hedgehog is used to poop. If it poops next to or even in the wheel, place the litter box at the wheel’s sitting point. However, you can freak out the pet if you get rid of the wheel. Instead, you can tape it so that the animal does not discover that pooping on the wheel has come to an end. This also ensures that the wheel does not get knocked over by the pet. You can also make the hedge used to the litter box in different ways. When you are playing with the edge and you notice that it is about to poop, you can rush it to a strategically located litter box in order to get it used to the box. It is advisable to keep on training the hedge until it gets used to the new system regardless of the time it takes. Moreover, avoid placing such boxes near the food or water bowls. Also, not that juvenile hedges have a higher rate of pooping than adults.

Hedgehog litter may at times be disgusting. It would be a lot easier if you would train the animal to put its litter into a litter box rather than collecting it by yourself. Finding a litter box for hedgehogs is the initial step and then training the hedge to make use of this litter box when pooping is the next step.  At some point, it will get used to the new rules hence you should keep on trying and never lose hope.